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Light Image Resizer Free Download

Light Image Resizer Free Download

Light Image Resizer Free Download For PC
Light Image Resizer
Light Image Resizer is a convert image formats , support JPG , GIF , PNG , BMP and TIFF , among others, to convert between any combination of these types of files. Since one of these formats , you can also create a PDF document from images.

The application is integrated into the Windows Explorer, which appears by right-clicking the mouse over an image , the ability to open it with this program and are considered some of the possible actions.

Light Image Resizer latest version 2014 supports batch mode, which means that you apply the same action on a series of photos, for example, you have a number of photos in a folder and you want to take to reduce by half its size to less space.

The application allows to watermark  (watermark) to your photos with a logo or identification of the event on a site will be published , and add them copied by others , knows who the author or owner.

This program is easy to use and enough to make some basic options such as size, are to be reduced with the images set , but in case you want to know more and more advanced options , a video tutorial that explains who everyone possible.