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Best Free Antivirus Avast 9.0.2013

Best Free Antivirus Avast 9.0.2013

Best Free Antivirus Avast 9.0.2013 Latest Version

Antivirus Avast 

Our computer is vulnerable to viruses target, be it a virus when we are able to browse the virus in when we enter flasdisk. When we need our computers safe from protection against malware, avast 2014 is one of the most popular anti- virus.

With the latest update, best free antivirus avast provides full protection for your computer with eight separate agents include everything from your computer and download the infected sites are dangerous file through infection.

One of which is the upgrade from the free avast 2014 is a feature that can detect the virus when browsing , you may be the victim through instant messaging, P2P and via e - mail . Agent Script is a very useful feature because it can detect dangerous scripts on web pages, and protect from infection.

Malware is treated with a startup scan , AutoSandbox allows suspicious programs to run simultaneously protect your computer , rating and classification of web sites , the installation does not require a restart, intuitive interface, great customization options.

WebRep is another weapon in your avast very interesting. It uses the power of the 165 million users of avast. to the web site . Users can level web page in ten categories to give an opinion on the whole site .

Best free antivirus software avast  have a good interface and allows you to adjust according to your own preferences . However , the protection of your computer is the most important factor , and although avast comparable or even better than other free programs , there is always a risk of infection. Of course, because it is free, there is no reason not to install it and draw your own conclusions.