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Driver Booster v1.3.1.175 Free Download

Driver Booster v1.3.1.175 Free Download

Driver Booster v1.3.1.175 Free Download For PC
Driver Booster v1.3.1.175

Driver Booster v1.3.1.175 is a free and very useful for updating the drivers on your computer tool . The app provides instant search system driver is missing or damaged for all components of the base and connected to the computer equipment .

Driver Booster is a modern and easy to use user interface automatic detection of outdated or faulty drivers , and to download and install from the software directly from the controller .

In addition, the need for security with the possibility of an earlier version of the drivers were updated program function to restore. The updated drivers to the latest versions can simplify and speed up the operating system and increase the performance of your computer while reading or demanding applications .

Driver Booster v1.3.1.175 Features    :
  •   a new topic
  •  Search enhanced driver
  •  More information about drivers-fixed and optimized for errors that occur when downloading drivers,
  •  greater compatibility with Dolby Home Theatre
  •  Improved backup and also eliminates another error in the application.

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