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EasyBatchPhoto 3.0.1 Free

EasyBatchPhoto 3.0.1 Free

EasyBatchPhoto 3.0.1 Free download
BatchPhoto can easily reach out to treat a large number of images in batches, the same settings for each application quickly. Once the configuration settings you want to change the name to change the image size , use, conversion to other formats , add watermark and a series of photos, you can move the flash window treatment program .

Sort images for use on a website, organize collections of digital photography or if you just want to make sure that all the images in the same format, Easy Photo Batch could easily save you hours of work .

The treatment is fast , but if a large number of images involved in the things that can take a little longer. This is not a problem because the Easy BatchPhoto intelligent utilize system resources and can remain in the background while you continue to use your Mac for anything else .

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