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FBackup 5.0 Build 414 Free Download

FBackup 5.0 Build 414 Free Download

FBackup 5.0 Build 414 is a free tool that allows you to back up selected data. Options make it an attractive solution for home users and small businesses. With this application , you can select compression ( zip) , so that the backup has been performed in a compressed format, and thus less space. You can choose to use a password to protect files with backups.

The main benefits of the program to replace the automatic backup, file compression for ZIP archives and supports to write data to multiple locations. 

Moreover, the user, is to increase the benefits of plugins to add functionality FBackup. The application is easy to use, provides an interface available in several languages​​, gave it also to the Polish side.

Protect backups automatically on a USB drive / Firewire, locally or on the network. Important Information The backup data can be compressed (using standard zip compression) or a copy of the original files.

Generally users manage the information that is important to maintain and a problem with the device or accidental deletion , recover and restore interest. An example of information that may be of interest to be protected is to keep this request by e - mail or Outlook Express or any other customer Thunderbird, which manages FBackup support for plug-ins that can be added, came and regular backups on a different drive .