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Free Download CPU-Z 1.6 Free Tool

Free Download CPU-Z 1.6 Free Tool

Free Download CPU-Z info
CPU - Z based on the engine for hardware detection and a clear five tabs provide extensive information about the hardware equipment. Supports all popular processors.

For performance analysis, CPU- Z info perfectly . Professionals admit at first glance, for example, if the processor provides support for 64 - bit software or whether the FSB and memory clock is set correctly. Even the setting suggests a CPU memory access - Z true.

The latter can be compared with the data value of the supported access memory chips ( SPD ) to determine if this is adjusted by default or potential for optimization of the offer, which may optionally be realized by changing the BIOS settings.

The current version fixes a bug which to display the incorrect clock rate when Intel introduced the i7 processor in certain circumstances.

In addition to the standard version there is also a 64 - bit variants. According to the manufacturer's site , this program now detects whether it is a 32 - or 64 - bit is the operating system and install the appropriate version automatically.