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Free Download Defraggler 2.18.945

Free Download Defraggler 2.18.945
Free Download Defraggler 2.18.945
Defraggler can defragment your hard drive just individual files or whole, which enables your computer to access your programs and files faster, adding a significant speed of your computer.

Defraggler supports systems Windows FAT32 and NTFS file systems. Over time, the files on the hard drive become fragmented, even on an empty space on the hard drive gets this way and makes your PC slower and prone to problems. 

With Defraggler from the creators of CCleaner you defragment individual files, folders, or entire hard drives.

The freeware has a different approach to most Defragmenter. Usually a complete partition must always be defragmented and then takes a function of the size of the car several hours.

When Defraggler you can choose exactly which files or folders to defrag individual. Additionally, you can check through the free tools, health a partition on the hard drive.

In the current version 2.18 Defraggler also the performance of your disk functions - corresponding graph is in the statistics. For SSD, it is now also fast optimization.