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Free Download Greenshot

Free Download Greenshot

Free Download Greenshot Latest Version

Download Greenshot 2014 and his installation was very young. By default , the program uses a " Print Screen " key (sometimes marked Prnt Scr ) as its hotkey ; pressing the button in combination with other keys ( such as Alt or Ctrl ) allow for different types of screen capture .

Greenshot ability to capture part of the screen , the last region selected by the shift & Print Screen , a program window with Alt and Print Screen , full-screen with Ctrl and Print Screen , or Internet Explorer window with Ctrl & Shift & Print Screen .

You simply press the assigned hotkey and arrests were made . If you choose to capture an area , Greenshot lets you choose the green overlay that makes it easy to select the area you want to capture.When you are in the SnagIt screen capture program that automatically opens the image in the editor , which is a full-featured editing tools . 

Greenshot Download  gives you several options in terms of delivery of your screen captured for programs or places with other destinations picker . The menu appears as soon as you capture the screen , and allows you to choose between saving the image , open it in an image editor Greenshot it , copy it to the clipboard , send it to your printer , and upload it .