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Free Download PhraseExpress 10.1.34

Free Download PhraseExpress 10.1.34  


PhraseExpress 10.1.34  is a program that allows you to specify a macro to increase the use of computers. They will give you quick access to specific applications, web sites. The most important function, as the name suggests the possibility that program to create a list of frequently used phrases.

This option passes the test, even if the creation of an email message, which will be included automatically determined by our sentences or phrases.

By default, the program and receive a set of standard text, but they are in English. PhraseExpress also have other options, such as counting characters in a block of text selected by us, or to change the font size.

For example, enter a username and password for certain web pages or all functions, such as deleting cookies and cache files your browser with a single click mouse.