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IDriveSync - Virtual Disk 10 GB free space

IDriveSync - Virtual Disk 10 GB free space

 IDriveSync - Virtual Disk 10 GB free space For PC

IDriveSync program is a free file synchronization. IDriveSync shares simple, accessible and secure files and synchronization with built-in integration with Facebook and our new video sharing
Like most other services file synchronization IDrive installed locally on each device you want to access your files: and desktops, smartphones, tablets. Create programs on your computer, or a new folder, or prompt you to select existing folders on your computer that you want to sync.

Have you ever spent your computer infected with viruses and formats, so that you can lose important files and documents that you? IDriveSync solved the problem and never lose valuable information. It is a virtual hard drive with 10 GB of storage, so you can store all kinds of files of documents, mp3, video, images, and what comes to mind.

Using it is simple and does not cost you a penny if you want to just switch to a plan with more capacity, in fact, the prices are, but I think the plan 10GB free live happy.

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