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Download Sumatra PDF Latest Version

Download Sumatra PDF Latest Version

Sumatra PDF

One open source tool that is easy to use is the Sumatra PDF 2014 can help you to open a PDF file. Thanks to its good, the program works very fast on large appendage was deliberately omitted. This tool is very small and easy to carry either on an external storage medium.
Sumatra PDF "good in the other alternate path quickly becomes" Adobe Reader.

In the new version 2.5 of "Sumatra PDF" is the view of two - pages to read eBooks available. The new shortcuts also now allows for faster navigation within the PDF. An overview of all the changes and new features can be found on the manufacturer's site.

The first step when it is desired to open PDF files. Then you can choose between different views, and zoom in or zoom out to a text file.

Includes plug-in for Firefox, Chrome and Opera you can mitinstallieren upon request at the beginning of the setup (by clicking the "Options".