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Download WhiteHat Aviator

Download WhiteHat Aviator  

Free Download WhiteHat Aviator
WhiteHat Aviator
One application that provides complete security when surfing the web is Whitehat Aviator. The application also offers a very fast browsing and playback-friendly graphical interface, modeled after Google Chrome, and simplicity in the configuration settings in a variety of program options.

Whitehat Aviator is the world's first browser security settings are provided to safely surf the Internet. The default search engine is DuckDuckGo program that records the user's actions. In addition, an integrated special browser extensions to block ads on the Internet.

Whitehat Aviator protect user data and protects the entire operating system when downloading files from the Internet, browse and run suspect websites. The browser has been equipped with special technology, which is in sandbox mode to prevent intrusion and virus threatening to infect the system.

Operating System
WhiteHat Aviator  For Window
WhiteHat Aviator  For Mac