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Free Download Praat

Free Download Praat  

Download Praat
Praat is a software that is made ​​for those who want to analyze , synthesize , and manipulate speech. In addition, with this tool you can generate high -quality images that you can export and enter into scientific work .

Praat program provides a variety of functions for the analysis of sound and video recordings . Specialization is the Praat phonetic analysis of spoken language. After loading the audio files that we want , the number, frequency and intensity of the recorded sound. Spend it later in the form of numerical or graphical diagrams.

This application does not rely on looks to do the job and you should be aware of this before you dive into it. It consists of two main windows, one of which allows you to manage the project itself and the other which houses the image that you created after audio processing.

Other features include a frame of the cochlea, ie the calculation of the response of the basilar membrane of the human voice sounds. Here, the program tries to simulate human perception and to provide the data according to the authentic.

Download Praat For Window and Linux 
Praat program is available for windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris and also download will download 32 - bit Windows version of the program. In addition, the source code is available, as well as two packages with special phonetic fonts recommended by the manufacturer for use with Praat.

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Praat For Window
Praat For Linux