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Free Download Splunk

Free Download Splunk

Download Splunk
Free Software Splunk will help you quickly and easily collect data in want, by utilizing the fast moving machine data generated by all applications, servers and devices - physical, solve problems and investigate security incidents in minutes.

Here are some of the features of Splunk :

Each Index Data From Any Source:
Splunk will store both the raw data and the rich index in an efficient, compressed , filesystem -based datastore from sources in real time . Ability to monitor live logs and clickstreams allow monitoring of changes in your system or Windows registry, or collecting metric system .

One of the highlights of plunk forwarder can be used in situations not available through the network or visible to the server where Splunk is installed. Splunk forwarders will be distributed in real -time universal data collection for tens of thousands of endpoints . They can monitor the local Application log file , capture the output of the command status on schedule , take the performance metrics of the source virtua