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Free Download Torch Browser for Mac and Window

Free Download Torch Browser for Mac and Window

Torch Browser
If you often browsing on the internet, you should try the Torch browser. With Torch you can store media files, managing torrent files and share links. All with one click.

With this application you can translate, search or share links and photos, simply drag and drop links, including a selection of web search, YouTube, Wikipedia, image search, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Torch Browser lets you not only find the video and song, but also easily save web media from virtually any site you go to. Media Grabber Torch browser is integrated into the browser and supports various types of files , so once you find a web video or song that you want to save ; You can easily grab and save it without having to use an external program.

Download Torch Browser
Torch Browser makes it easy to use and manage tasks torrent downloaded directly from the browser without having to download additional software. With the Torch features a built-in browser to download torrent files become easy and simple to do.
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Torch Browser For Window
Torch Browser  For Mac