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Free Download XMedia Recode

Free Download XMedia Recode

Download XMedia Recode
XMedia Recode
XMedia Recode is an application to convert audio and video files from one format to another format and is supported by the codec. A list of all supported formats can be found easily.

Process for the conversion is as follows: select the source file, specify the video and audio codecs, select the device and click "Encode". After that pull the finished result to your cell phone or other mobile video players. Furthermore you can see, for example, your favorite movie on the go when you are.

In the current version of XMedia Recode Blu - ray to open and will support several new profiles. In this latest release, all the changes and new features can be found in the changelog in the manufacturing facilities.

If you want to use XMedia Recode to other video playback devices, you can create your own profile, by specifying the supported formats.