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Dropbox Experimental 2.9.51 Free Download

Dropbox Experimental Free Download

Dropbox Experimental Free Download
Dropbox is a special folder where all the files and folders that you put in it will be synchronized with your online account. The multi-platform program that allows you to access your files from virtually all operating systems already support.

The use Dropbox Experimental  can be used for the benefit of your personal data, you can separate folder and share it with other users, so that work on the same data set. Users can be denied access and make the file will be deleted from the computer. You can also share data files read-only to certain users or people send him a direct link to the file, or by placing a file in a special folder 'Public'.

If a particular platform does not have an official client always manual operation via the website. Importantly, if you are using a local network, all traffic between computers takes place without the participation of an external server. In terms of data transfer to the server, sending only the required parts- if you make changes to a text file, only the changed part is sent and not the entire file, which shorten the synchronization time and the need for Internet access. You can view previous versions of files synchronized.

The latest development version of Dropbox is the ability to automatically sync photos and videos in your computer is connected to a mobile phone, camera, camcorder or memory card. This feature requires an active external media autostart.