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FileZilla Version 3.8.1 Free Download

Free Download FileZilla Version 3.8.1

FileZilla Version 3.8.1
FileZilla is a file management tool for FTP access to the server your website for free. All purposes of uploading and downloading files between your local computer and a server where your site will feel easy because the application is so reliable for the purposes in the field of web development.

The simplest way to transfer files between PCs, or between a PC and the server is using FileZilla. with a simple but very maximum ability to transfer large files, because ISPs often limit the size of email attachments through a certain size.

FileZilla FTP has almost every feature you need. It is easy to create and edit new FTP connection.

As a free application, FileZilla is very stable and offers access for anyone who needs to manage files via FTP remote connection. your username and password to login will make you so quickly quickly get into an FTP server, upload new files, move files, and even edit files on your local computer.

Here are the features of FileZilla:
  •       Very easy to use process
  •       Being able to suport FTP, FTP, SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  •       Been able to support IPv6
  •       many languages ​​that are included in this application
  •       Being able to transfer files over 4GB
  •       Very Powerful Site Manager
  •       There are facilities Bookmarks
  •       It could be using Drag & drop files to meninsert.
  •       Configurable transfer speed can
  •       able menfilter
  •       network configuration
  •       Can edit files remotely
  •       FTP-Proxy support