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Monosnap 2.3.21 Free Download

Monosnap Free Download

Free Download Monosnap 2.3.21
Monosnap is a software application that is able to capture or record the screen easily, take pictures with web camera connected to, and edit images. Captures utility software takes screen allows you to capture the entire screen on a computer, and open the image generates a built-in image editor. allows you to resize and crop the image. Once you finish enhancing the image, you can make the process of copying or saving it to the hard drive either PNG or JPG format.

Record desktop and other settings also allow the screen to record custom parts, add a feed from a webcam, using a pen or insert arrows, rectangles, ellipses and lines that can be used for various purposes.

Monosnap settles after the start in Smybolleiste and activated from there most convenient hotkey. Optionally, you make a screenshot of a specific area or the entire desktop.

Screenshot will open shortly thereafter in an integrated editor and can be supplied with rectangles, arrows, circles, lines and labels here. Also, cropping, zoom in and out to work only. Blur you quickly create a recognizable personal details.

Screenshot end you save locally on your computer or download by clicking on Monosnap cloud storage. Necessary for a free account. Or, enter SFTP, FTP or WebDAV access in the settings. In any case, the link to the picture ends automatically on the clipboard and can be passed quickly.

Creating a simple desktop streaming
By using this monosnap application also enables streaming desktop by Right click on the tray icon, and then you can directly upload through the web and can be viewed on the individual links there.