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NetGear Genie Free Download

NetGear Genie Free Download

NetGear Genie
Netgear Genie is an application that provides all administrative functions and security to Netgear router in sight. Manufacturer Netgear router also offers customers and non-customers a comprehensive software package for the management of domestic network and all the devices incorporated in it.

With "Netgear Genie", you can manage your Internet connection through some simple steps, and setting up your wireless network. The advantage with your network map to get an overview of all network devices are directly integrated and can push each change settings.

With the Parental Control blocks various internet sites that comfortable. Equally powerful is a function Support Network, you can see the basic things all the time or can download the software troubleshooting.

Download NetGear Genie 

Option Download
Download  NetGear Geni  for Window
Download  NetGear Geni  for Mac OS X
Download  NetGear Geni  for Android
Download  NetGear Geni  for iPad
Download  NetGear Geni  for iPhone