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Wuala (Olympus) Free Download

Wuala (Olympus) Free Download

Wuala Free Download

Wuala is a software application that offers security for online storage of data, images, presentations or media files with unlimited size. You can use it without having to be somewhere, but you can access the data from any computer with an Internet connection and instantly share them with anyone.

It is also possible to create groups to share documents with others. It is easy to deal with an intuitive graphical interface and user-friendly.Wuala using encription Advanced Standard 256 for each file you encrypt and RSA cryptographic key and 2048 for signature. In short, you get protected online storage to 5 GB of space right after registration

Secure online file storage running with this simple application. provide many services such as file synchronization, file backup and file sharing. All uploaded files will be stored safely secured. feature every user gets for free after installing Wuala is as follows:

  • Will get 5 GB of free space;
  • Easy to Share File;
  • Backup facility;
  • We can sync files;
  • Can Receive a media streaming;
  • The data will be safe with encrypted storage;