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Box Sync 4.0.5059 Free Download

Box Sync Free Download

Box Sync Free Download
Box Sync
Box Sync is a desktop software that allows web services to a virtual disk archiving computer data, the upload process to the disk lies in the cloud storage. Due to the use of this solution is widely known for competing services, such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox.

With this service account will give you the opportunity to gain direct access via a web browser. With levels are also available more options for the user account settings.

Box Sync for the process is not much different from the solutions used by other manufacturers of similar applications. In one tab you will find a panel to identify the program folder that automatically Box Sync to sync with the cloud.

Need to remember the directory path specified or alter them to freely chosen, which will facilitate the daily work with the program. Additional settings for the application itself is not too complicated, but the options available to customize the tools according to your needs

Operating System
Link Download
Box Sync 4.0.5059 For Window 7
Box Sync 4.0.5059 For Window  XP
Box Sync 4.0.5059 For Window 8
Box Sync 4.0.5059 For Mac OS X