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inSSIDer Free Download

inSSIDer Free Download

inSSIDer Free Download
inSSIDer is a free application to scan for all wireless networks in your area. This process can be done by specifying the security settings and more details. such as MAC address, the broadcast channel is detected, or a specified location.

You can still enjoy the free version of this app, but if you want to upgrade, Note that the newer version 4 inSSIDer offered by the web site developer takes about $ 20.

Compared with the previous version of inSSIDer marked in version 3 using a wireless connection and better color distinguish this wireless network to another. Clipboard function gives you a screenshot of the data to a particular network.

Means with inSSDer you can go to troubleshooting if something is connected to a wireless network and you see the need for optimization in your network. For other operating systems, you can also choose the classic freeware Network Stumbler.

Download inSSIDer