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Win Toolkit Free Download

Win Toolkit Free Download

Features Win Toolkit
Win Toolkit
Win Toolkit a free application to create your own copy of Windows. The size of the program is very lightweight and easy to use and does not require installation on your hard drive. In this case, it can be run from portable storage media.

With this program you can create and customize Windows almost all the features and tools in it. Starting from the actual installer, adding and integrating add-ons, drivers, themes, graphics, language files, and ended with the addition of various updates that are required for security him.

Features Win Toolkit also comes with tools All-in-After Integrator, allowing the adaptation of the most important aspects and fundamental Windows installer and save it to disk in the form of an ISO file format files.

In addition, another feature of the program is to make the automatic installer, edit, and modify the registry, delete and add the selected components and applications.