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Ares 2.3.0 Free Download

Ares 2.3.0 Free Download

Ares Free Download
Ares 2.3.0 Free Download

Ares is an open source P2P client that allows to easily share their collections with other network users. It supports the most popular protocol for data exchange in P2P networks - BitTorrent, which allows for the use of its rich resources. An important advantage of the lightness of the program, which does not consume a large hardware resources. 

Ares Free Download includes an integrated browser, so you can quickly find what you are looking for at the moment. Search results can be limited to one of several categories: music, videos, images, documents, programs, and other. When we do this, the list will be provided as appropriate for the type of file - for music will include. Album name and artist for movies and their resolution, the language and the duration. After selecting the items we are interested will connect and start downloading, which can of course at any time to stop. 

The program Ares can also retrieve data from multiple sources (a list of which, along with detailed statistics are displayed during download), and their number can be configured by the user. At the time displays information such as the transfer rate, remaining to the end of time, as well as the amount of data already collected.

Control Panel application allows you to modify many settings. Users can specify, among others, the maximum download and upload, the maximum simultaneous number of your downloads, as well as the address of the proxy server. You can choose from a number of skins that allow you to change the appearance and color of the interface. 

direct service ShoutCast streams (which means that the level of program, you can use many internet radio stations). Ares also facilitates the management of home-media library has its own built-in media player, and in addition includes a chat module that makes it easy to meet new friends while downloading (you can set your nickname, avatar, and allow callers to browse our media library).