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Database .NET 12.5.5336 Free Download

Database .NET Free Download

Database .NET 12.5.5336 Free Download
Database .NET

NET Database is an innovative and powerful application designed to manage and modify many different databases at the same time. The program is free for non-commercial use. 

Among the main features of the application include: 
• database editor, so that quickly and accurately design the tables on a selected number and distribution of columns and rows, narzucimy the constraints (konstreiny), create indexes content and generate useful scripts, improve their work, 
• browser and data editor, which allows you to manually or automatically change the values ​​of all cells and the content of the forms, the mass import content of the tables, the construction of graphical visualization of data (in the form of charts and graphs), and search and filtering of words; we find there is also an XML editor and a tool to export data to text files, HTML and others, 
SQL editor, dynamically kompletujÄ…cy introduced sequences in accordance with the correct syntax and support the transfer of its fragments 'drag-and-drop' 
• browser and search facilities 
• tools to view the history of modifications to the database, create their backups and security management (passwords, user accounts, etc.).