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Fiddler Free Download

Fiddler Free Download 

Fiddler Free Download
Fiddler advanced software designed to monitor, debug and modify traffic HTTP / HTTPS between our network and the computer. Along with the tool, will conduct operational tests of both websites and applications running on the network. 

The functions and characteristics:

  • Monitoring data of the current session: cookies URL, compression, redirection and so on.,
  • Simulating HTTP compression (GIP). 
  • Packet filtering, 
  • Archiving of motion and his subsequent play, 
  • Performance testing websites 
  • Support browsers 
  • Decompression session, which is useful if you try to recover the hidden information 
  • The possibility of obtaining information about network traffic from devices based on Android, Windows Phone, Windows RT or iOS 
  • Ssafety testing pages and websites, 

The Fiddler interface is not the simplest due to the large number of options in the main window. It should be noted that the program is primarily intended for more advanced users.