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Mobogenie 3.0.3 Free Download

Mobogenie 3.0.3 Free Download

Mobogenie 3.0.3 Free Download
With free Mobogenie you can back up your smartphone and synchronize with the PC. It is a cinch to secure the smartphone - and it's free. Contacts, messages, pictures, apps, music and videos: The freeware Mobogenie recoils from any format and is used to easily synchronize Android smartphone and PC. 

In addition to the exchange of data, the tool also understands it to back up the data on your smartphone. Thus, with Mobogenie about convenient backups of your contacts, messages and apps to create. The fuses you play if needed easily with the tool back onto the smartphone. 

In addition, you can use the freeware Manage your contacts and post alerts directly to your PC and send it. Also, apps can install and uninstall directly in the freeware. For this purpose, completed a extensive app marketplace the Android-round solution. 

Conclusion: Many features, little innovation - Mobogenie is a comprehensive sync tool for Android devices, which leaves little to be desired, but is not able to stand out from the crowd of Android tools with Store. Interesting alternatives represent about wireless solution AirDroid or the useful even by web app snappea.

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