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Picasa 3.9 Build 138.150 Free Download

Picasa Free Download

Picasa 3.9 Build 138.150 Free Download
The album software Picasa you bring order to your photo collections and manage your digital photo archive on the fly. In this case, Google Picasa a kind of timeline, on which are placed all the photos and allow you access to certain images quickly served.

With the vast quantity of images accumulate on every computer. Who does not sort its Digifotos meticulous, has the images quickly moved from the last family outing! With Google Picasa however, you have everything at a glance. The strongest feature of the software is certainly their excellent image management. If you install Picasa to organize all the pictures on the hard disk begins. Photos to come novel are always sorted automatically. Thanks to the time-sorted column selection and a mini preview for fast access to all the photos (and videos) - no matter where on the PC they are stored. In addition, Google Picasa offers simple image editing, such as red-eye removal or an automatic contrast adjustment.

The cumbersome Send photos via email, you can save yourself in the future. Rather than crowd the inbox of the mail recipient, the pictures can be view by the receivers in a protected area on the Google Picasa site in peace. To upload, select the desired photos in Google Picasa and click the right mouse button.