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Pixlr Free Download

Pixlr Free Download

Pixlr Free Download
Autodesk Pixlr is a great program for those who want to edit their photos quickly and efficiently and still achieve beautiful results. Especially for modern retro look offers itself freeware. Those who value professional image editing, will find the also free Gimp. 

The popular and equally good web app Pixlr is still unbeaten regards what image processing on the Internet. Although the desktop version is aimed at a different audience, but convinces all along the line. 

Autodesk Pixlr: Free Image Editing 

Surface Pixlr of the program is compared to web app much clearer and more user friendly. On the left side you will find all the options and effects that you can apply to your image. This ranges from basic features like cut and color corrections to numerous modern effects. 

Since, all functions of the freeware operate with just a few clicks, you come quickly into a neat result. For more advanced users of the web app must, however, make several compromises. The interface and functionality is clearly designed for fast processing, professional features that exist in the web app, look here in vain.