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RogueKiller Free Download

RogueKiller Free Download

RogueKiller Free Download

RogueKiller is lightweight and convenient application that can scan your computer with a place to drop an executable file to your hard disk and click run. It is also possible to go RogueKiller equivalent to a memory card or unit maintaining security, to run on any type of machine with a minimum amount of effort.

This interface RogueKiller  is established in the usual screen with options that seem chaotic, where the pre-scan mode on auto-pilot recently started on initialization and kill any suspect process. List of records showing the status, type, process ID, name, and path for each item.

The program can also can check the registry, file Hosting companies, proxy, DNS, drivers, MBR, and cut corners. You can disable RogueKiller by scanning the MBR, confirming counterfeit goods, as well as anti-rootkit run support. It provides the option to delete the selected object and fixing solutions, MBR, host, proxy, DNS and shortcuts.

RogueKiller provide multilingual support, employing low CPU and RAM, and doing a quick check. We now do not find any problem all through our evaluation, because the application must not hang or freeze. Although it's just not very intuitive or attractive, RogueKiller proved to be quite powerful tool to detect and remove any suspicious activity in the system.

RogueKiller Free Download (32 bit)

RogueKiller Free Download (64 bit)