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SmartFTP Client 6.0.2066.0 Free Download

SmartFTP Client 6.0.2066.0 Free Download 

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SmartFTP can be a powerful program that means that you can transfer files for an Internet server when using the File Transfer Process. This reliable tool is especially useful for web designers as they frequently must upload and get images, movies, files or entire websites.

The program may also use secure file transfer protocols for instance FTPS, SFTP or even SSH. Secure connections tend to be reliable and protect your data from unauthorized accessibility by encrypting the details.

Who has its own website, knows the situation: After each change new files need to be updated by FTP and superfluous be removed from the web server. While also transmit Internet Explorer, Firefox & Co. data via FTP, but are faster and more reliable special FTP transfer programs such as the easy-to-use "SmartFTP". 

The program can also files back and forth between two servers slide (so-called FXP), without taking a detour on the hard drive of your computer. You can also download the software files from public FTP servers, such as from the Internet offers many universities. Advantage: Breaks the connection, you do not have to start completely from scratch again, because "SmartFTP" can continue the transmission to the point where it was interrupted. Lest anyone your data spying on its way through the Internet, supports "SmartFTP" the most common encryption methods (FTPS, SFTP, SSH).