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SnagIt 12.2.0 Free Download

SnagIt 12.2.0 Free Download

SnagIt Free  Download

SnagIt is a powerful tool for image capture and video recording of the desktop screen. screenshots, either the entire screen, as well as part or the active window, a graphics file, or video. The screenshot can be sent directly to the printer, the clipboard, email client, saved to a file (format gif, jpg, .pcx, bmp, tif and png.) Or sent to a few places at the same time. Screen capture can take place with a delay defined by the user or automatically within the defined tasks - scheduling.

The program allows you to create snapshots of the entire screen, web pages, selected elements or windows. In addition, SnagIt has a built-in editor for working screenshots. With its help, we can modify the captured image, add various visual effects and perform a variety of other activities.

SnagIt works with Google Drive lets you easily send captured screenshots to the online service. Built-in recording video, allows you to create presentations.