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Gimp 2.8.14 Free Download

The Gimp 2.8.14 Free Download

GIMP 2.8.14 Free

GIMP is a popular tool for processing graphics and digital images placed on the Internet. You can use it to create graphics and logos, resize and cut fragments of images, perform various operations on the colors, combine images with layers, and convert various image file formats. 

GIMP interface is based on the active use of all the buttons on the mouse and opening a huge amount of windows, as seen in the pictures posted above. GIMP is free software, distributed under the GNU GPL, which is a big advantage compared to other graphics programs. His supporters compare him to paid Paint Shop Pro or even the tools professionals, Adobe Photoshop. With filters, the possibilities of the program are considerably extended. 

The program uses an experimental integration of GEGL library which supports 8, 16 and 32-bit precision for each color channel. GIMP editor, there is also the old library, and users can activate by selecting new colors / Use GEGL or GEGL Operation tool. Service has been improved edge image that allows you to work with a brush located partly outside the drawing, improved selection tool and you're able to capture the cursor in the screenshot.