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Torch Browser Free Download

Torch Browser Free Download

Torch Browser Free Download
Torch Browser

Torch Browser is a web browser developed based on Chromium. The application offers several interesting features that will make browsing the Web not only faster, but also more enjoyable. An important feature of the program is the built-in download accelerator files, accelerates and optimizes the data download. The tool features a hassle-free, stable operation and user-friendly interface, making it very well suited to all standard applications.

Web Browser
The main component of the environment Torch Browser  is a web browser that provides an impressive set of features to improve the use of the network. Among them we find: a mechanism for cards, private mode, manager of favorite links, history of opening addresses, automatic translation of text, task manager, webmaster tools, convenient cleaning of private information, smart location bar, remembering passwords, auto-complete forms, support for themes and extensions, import / export data. It is completed by a large number of configuration options.

BitTorrent Client
Torch Browser offers a full-featured module that allows you to download torrents without the need to install additional software, such as Azureus Vuze or uTorrent. The tool allows for easy management of different types of tasks (downloading, seeding, paused temporarily active) through the window with detailed information (file size, number of parts, checksum, status, progress, ratio, comment, etc..). There we have the statistical functions and options responsible for limiting connection speed.

Downloading media files
For users of sites containing music and movies, prepared a mechanism to instantly downloaded to your multimedia content. When you open a web page containing supported file formats, simply click on the "Video" or "Audio", and the data they found downloaded via the built-manager.

Sharing of information
The application offers features to publish entries on the social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter). You can easily put in your profile information on your favorite websites, articles, video files, songs or search results - simply log into your account, click on the "Share" and fill out the form.

Torch Browser Free Download