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uTorrent 3.4.2 Build 33394 Free Download

uTorrent 3.4.2 Build 33394 Free Download

uTorrent (actually Sigil) is one of the most popular BitTorrent clients. The application is characterized by small size (it takes just a few hundred kilobytes), a low load of hardware resources and a friendly interface for novice users. The program generates so little load on the system that it is imperceptible even when working at the computer. uTorrent includes all the features that have advanced applications of this type, and light weight plus almost zero load on the system make it a very good and commendable BitTorrent client. 

The tool offers all the necessary functions for convenient and fast downloading files from the Internet. Most importantly, the application automatically selects the optimal settings, so right after the installation, we can proceed to download favorite torrents

uTorrent allows you to upload and download multiple files at the same time. In the application to quickly set the bandwidth usage for each position by limit download and upload. Customer has an RSS reader, setup, connection encryption, automatic closing system, and many other options that are worth noting. 

The main features of the program: 

- Built-in search engine, 
- Displays basic information about the task (content torrents, operation time, the percentage of downloaded data, availability, trackers, peers, community rating) 
- The division of tasks into categories (downloading, sending, completed, active, inactive, labeled) 
- Basic management tools torrent (opening the destination directory, copy the links Magnet, start / stop / pause, move up or down in the queue, commenting, cleaning list peers, reset bans, 
- The ability to download torrents from the specified address, 
- Attached wizard torrents, 
- Refreshed-to-date charts for upload and download, disk statistics, transfer limits, streaming, uTP delay, 
- Built-in media player uTorrent Player 
- Setup wizard that allows for quick selection of the optimal configuration for your Internet connection, 
- Performance testing tools download, 
- Included a full-featured RSS reader that allows you to download the latest files, 
- Automatically perform actions after the download (off uTorrent, shut down the computer, restart, hibernate, standby, running processes) 
- Limiting upload and download speeds globally or for selected tasks 
- Built-in scheduler, 
- Download mode DNA 
- Remote access to a running client using a web browser, 
- Display aggregate statistics (number of upload / download data, ratio, the transfer of the last 31 days, the number of program starts, etc..) 
- Integration with the operating system (related to the extension Advertisement You can add it to the Windows startup, minimize to the notification area) 
- Cooperation with Teredo, 
- A large number of configuration options for the interface, notifications, default directories, links, port mapping, the properties of the BitTorrent protocol, queuing and buffering the data on the disk, 
- Supports proxy servers, 
- Web interface, API,