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WindowBlinds 8.06 Free Download

WindowBlinds 8.06 Free Download

WindowBlinds 8.06 Free Download
WindowBlinds 8.06 
WindowBlinds is a popular tool by which completely change the look of the operating system. The program allows you to change the appearance of all windows in the system - benefiting from the ready-made skins (themes) created by the manufacturer. In addition, the application allows you to change the graphics of virtually all components of the system. 

The program also change the style of icons, bars, buttons and many other graphics contained on the desktop system. WindowsBlinds has been designed to work in Windows 7 and 8 also offers the possibility to create your own skins (graphic themes) using the built-in editor SkinStudio. On the manufacturer's website you will find thousands of free skins to download.

With skins, WindowBlinds can change the look involving:

  • Title bars
  • The Start clubhouse
  • Progress animations
  • Explorer Vistas
  • and virtually another part of Microsoft windows.

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