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AntiLogger Free Download

AntiLogger Free Download

AntiLogger free versions of popular software, the computer will be safe against theft of personal data in the network when you are browsing. This program effectively detect and remove all traces of keyloggers - software applications that are designed primarily to steal passwords and other user data that is stored on your computer's hard drive. 

AntiLogger Free encrypt and protect your computer when using the network. Protecting all installed applications and protect the system in such a way that no one from the outside (Internet) will not be able to steal our valuable information and passwords. This program requires no configuration and in addition to not slow down the computer while scanning and computer monitoring in real time. 

The program Anti Logger effectively protects your computer not only during web browsing, but also after installing any application on your hard drive. Compared with the commercial version of the program effectively protects your computer, but do not have the extra features informed about malicious applications.

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