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Blender 2.72 RC1 Free Download

Blender 2.72 RC1 Free Download

Blender 2.72 RC1 Free Download
Blender 2.72 

Blender is a free tool for creating three-dimensional graphics, both static and animation. It is a remarkable tool, on the one hand, the minimum size and the availability of free, on the other authentic competitiveness such as 3DS MAX package. 

Blender is a user interface that is optimized for the creation of 3D graphics. It is one of the most widely used open-source 3D applications and is a program that can be created with the diverse types of 2D and 3D content. 

With this application, fun in 3D is also available for people with a weaker hardware. Blender offers a truly powerful capabilities that can not be described here (in the pages of the vortal is an article dedicated to this application). The first contact with the program, however, may cause a slight shock because the user interface is highly customized. However, it does not wring your hands, work in parallel with the mouse and keyboard (not necessary) is really effective when you reach skill. 

A wide range of tools Blender available to model content, texture, illuminate, render, animate, and to be able to edit. Despite the wide functionality, the program runs very small and on different platforms

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