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GeForce Experience Free Download

GeForce Experience Free Download

GeForce Experience Free Download
GeForce Experience 
GeForce Experience is an advanced application NVIDIA used to optimize the graphics card and the entire computer for games. When you optimize your PC, the software automatically scans and detects new versions of NVIDIA drivers, and then downloads them to your hard drive. It is worth noting that the new drivers improve gaming performance, add new features and remove the fault. 

NVIDIA has also introduced a new service Shadowplay, enabling smooth video recording of games. According to the manufacturer, the program uses up to 10% of system resources, offering recording material for 20 minutes. With convenient shortcut keys can both set to record automatically as well start from a specific seconds, stop and go back to the pre-recorded material. 

Application GeForce Experience optimizes settings for all supported games based on the hardware configuration of your computer. NVIDIA performs extensive testing games for different combinations of systems GPU, CPU and screen resolution and stores the information in the cloud. GeForce Experience connects via the cloud data center NVIDIA and gets optimized settings for games that are specially tailored to the player's computer. 

GeForce Experience will always be up to date with the latest NVIDIA drivers. Optimal settings maximize image quality while maintaining excellent performance, which ensures the best experience with the game. Built-in interactive browser screenshots will learn more about each setting and its benefits. 

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