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Lansweeper Free Download

Lansweeper Free Download

Lansweeper Free Download

Lansweeper is often a platform intended to become a detailed inventory with the computers and devices present example. Corporate network along with software installed in that person. The tool inspections the timeliness of software and its licenses, collecting reports EventLog and information about Active Directory accounts, monitors changes with hardware and software package. The program also allows you to remotely manage computers accessible in LAN or World wide web.

The main features of the application Lansweeper :

  • Platform management interface accessible by using a web browser,
  • Lansweeper acts like a server on the LAN don't need to install client software on the monitored computers,
  • It is additionally possible to scan away from the local network, the Internet - in cases like this, the client software package is installed (the so-called. Agent) to be able to interest us personal computers,
  • detection associated with network devices along with their properties,
  • scan on the fly or by simply logging client options to scan by simply date and period,
  • detection along with detailed analysis with the properties of the program,
  • authentication software package, unwanted programs is usually uninstalled remotely, the consumer will be informed of the re-installation,
  • remote installing software,
  • Tracking changes from the installed applications by simply history module,
  • Rural management of people, computers and software package,
  • hundreds associated with built-in thematic accounts on computers, tools, software and various other issues, to established priorities for accounts, create custom accounts,
  • scan an unlimited volume of domains, and organizational products (OU - Organizational Unit) with Active Directory,