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Plex Home Theater Free Download

Plex Home Theater Free Download

Plex Home Theater Free Download
Plex Home Theater 

Plex Home Theater media player provided by the Plex Media Server. The application allows you to play movies and music channels from materials A / V and recorded with various video portals. It is also possible to browse collection of photographs and images, also in the form of slide shows. 

The Plex Home Theater can be operated by remote control from a TV or PC keyboard. Unfortunately, the program does not offer support for the mouse - in the case of using the keyboard, users control the action by the arrows, Enter, Esc, Tab, Space, keys and F and R (fast forward and backward, repeated use of key adjusts the speed of the scroll). 

The application is based on the platform of FFmpeg and MPEG2 so you can handle many popular formats A / V. It is possible to playback video in 1080p HD, and H.264 hardware decoding. The program allows you to add subtitles and soundtracks to movies. 

Plex Home Theater uses metadata collected by the Plex Media Server for example. Descriptions of movies, album art thumbnails and so on. They are charged, inter alia, from The Movie Database, TheTVDB, FreeDB, AMG, Last.fm. The application can remember which of the films in the libraries have already been viewed by us and suggest us a new product, for example. Subsequent episodes like. Multimedia stored in the library server can be viewed and sorted by specific categories.

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