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PrivaZer 2.23 Free Download

PrivaZer 2.23 Free Download

PrivaZer 2.23 Free Download
PrivaZer 2.23 
PrivaZer can be a powerful software to scrub traces of individual activity and cleans away unnecessary files and unused on the hard drive. This application has the capacity to protect your level of privacy by removing pointless data and many traces of on the net activity

PrivaZer in comparison with other similar software, does not require installation which enable it to be run coming from a USB. Before commencing the cleaning process, select the appropriate device you need to scan and clean - the complete computer, external hard disk drives, USB memory, Music, cell phone, Sdcard or NAS.

Additionally, the program offers the possibility to select the scanning mode that is certainly appropriate. We have offered a mode allowing it to perform full scan with the entire data carrier so they can trace the activity of any specific location : registry systems, browsers and also other Internet applications, USB memory as well as story used programs installed inside operating system.

The program PrivaZer securely deletes records, cleaning the registry program and increase free space on the partition. In supplement, cleaning the MFT records, instant messaging, listing. dat, cookies (cookies) or download the program.

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