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Sleipnir Free Download

Sleipnir Free Download

Sleipnir Free Download

Sleipnir is a web browser that supports two Trident and the WebKit rendering engine and supports technologies such as CSS 3 and HTML 5 enabled by default WebKit engine. You will also find an RSS reader - FeedReader, which stores data in the local community and in this case quickly look through and read RSS news reader from competitive. 

The main advantage of this program Sleipnir  is Fenrir Pass service, which allows you to synchronize browser data between different computers and mobile devices (mobile). With this service we can transfer configuration settings, along with the entire contents of the documentation (favorite sites, phone number). 

It also offers translation of documents, have support for mouse gestures and actions, and also has a search engine on popular sites such as Google, Amazon, Twitter and YouTube. 

Users can also customize the appearance of the graphical interface browser, by changing its skin and other graphical elements. Sleipnir also supports plug-ins and user scripts. See page using this browser is very comfortable, especially in full screen mode. In addition, you can group tabs, edit CSS styles browse the source code, support for social networking, make screenshots, and import data from other browsers. Control display is also facilitating the handling of mouse movements and keyboard shortcuts. In situations where you have multiple cards, you can group them. As the number of sites support JavaScript, or ActiveX can be turned on or off freely.

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