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SopCast 3.9.3 Free Download

SopCast 3.9.3 Free Download

SopCast 3.9.3 Free Download
SopCast 3.9.3 

SopCast can be a program for watching tv channels - people that make transmissions over the web. It is also possible being radio broadcasts. In addition, the application successfully beneficial to transmit their own audio-visual equipment.

SopCast program uses P2P technology so doesn't require a very well powerful server and links to talk about content from your laptop. In turn, have the same popular tv programs or radio stations also runs without problems,

you do not need to worry around the long wait with the material, it is often quickly cached in addition to displayed, but you can enter your individual address transmission. It is possible to record messages and save these to files.

To begin broadcasting by means of SOP protocol should indicate the foundation of the substance, determine the ideal channel and server options. To play components simply log in the program anonymously, but when you distribute your own programs, it is recommended to produce an account SopCast 

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