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System Ninja 3.0.3 Free Download

System Ninja 3.0.3 Free Download 

System Ninja 3.0.3
System Ninja is a free application created with the aim of removing unnecessary files from your computer. This is the main but not the only function of this program, as it has been additionally equipped with other modules for system maintenance. The tool does not require installation, and its operation should cope even novice users. 

System Ninja scans your disk for files that can be safely removed to speed up the operation of the PC. Among the additional modules are: Startup Manager - startup manager, that gives you a convenient way to determine which applications will run with the system, FileAnalyzer- module corresponding to the file information, it provides such data as total MD5, SHA1, SHA256, date created.

Process Manager System Ninja - Manager allows processes with a few clicks complete the unwanted programs (even a lot of time). Additionally automatically illuminated the processes commonly associated with viruses and spyware.

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