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Tribler 6.3.3 Free Download

Tribler 6.3.3 Free Download

Tribler 6.3.3 Free Download
Tribler 6.3.3 
In Tribler you can build a friends list that allows you to upload capacity. Then download a torrent together. Since a Torrent File consists of many parts, all Tribler clients speak, so that they draw no part twice. 

Send the exchange-friends you on-the-fly all the missing pieces - your client puts then together. Although the new version 6.x still uses the Bittorrent protocol, makes tracker and torrent files but superfluous. Moreover Tribler now supports video streaming. Find content Tribler users a search function that filters out spam.

Members may also earn reputation by sharing information about files. Further features include setting the directory where the files are saved, and the speed of download and share content. 

The program has a minimalist appearance, advanced search, as well as protection against spam and malicious software. Tribler addition to the basic functions of searching and downloading files, also offers to create and subscribe to channels, browsing by the categories you track friends. The application Tribler  also has a built-in player VLC to preview files while downloading. Other features include even family filter, the ability to report spam, the creation of the download queue, edit the user account. The program also offers a preview of metadata torrent files. 

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