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Windows Repair 2.8.9 Free Download - Windows Repair 2.8.9 Free Download

Windows Repair 2.8.9 
Windows Repair is a small utility that allows you to restore the Microsoft Windows operating system to work properly. The application allows patching of the most common faults, starting from the dangerous errors in the registry, by incorrectly assigned permissions to the destabilization of the operation of the services and standard software.

Using the program Windows Repair is very simple - is designed primarily for people who do not have technical knowledge on the functioning of individual system components. The wizard walks you through all the steps necessary to remedy the functioning of the computer. First of all, you should scan your system one of the popular anti-virus engines and ensure that irregularities are not caused by any type of malicious software. Another operation is to check the integrity of data structures hard drive using the Check Disk utility. 

After completing the initial steps, you can proceed Windows Repair to the appropriate repair. The author has released three modes - basic, advanced user. The choice depends on the preferences and knowledge of the recipient. The application allows, among others: 

- Clearing the HOSTS file 
- Repair the icon cache,
- Reset the registry and file permissions,
- Restore the visibility of CD / DVD drives,
- Registration of system files
- Deleting temporary files
- Deactivation of proxy settings.