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YUMI Free Download

YUMI Free Download

YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer) is a small tool for creating bootable USB devices with operating systems, antivirus software, computer diagnostic tools and clone partitions. YUMI allows you to easily create a self-bootable thumb drives. You can put them useful thing, for example. System restore utility.

YUMI gives the user the ability to place on one medium (eg USB. Flash drive, external hard drive, Or a memory card a number of programs and operating systems in the form of ISO images and archives RAR / ZIP.

Thus prepared, the software media may prove to be invaluable when we would like to test a Linux distribution, and we do not want to install it yet or do not have in your CD / DVD drive. What's more, it will allow us to diagnose problems that prevent the system from starting to detect a hardware failure or remove viruses from your computer, which, for example. Causing malfunction operating environment. Use it to easily restore a previously made ??backup partition or disk. Possibilities prepared using bootable media YUMI really depends on the software that you put on it.

YUMI Operation is very simple - both the process of starting the software, as well as placing it on a USB drive should not cause anyone problems. The tool is equipped with a function to automatically download selected programs from the Internet and Linux distributions.