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3DMark Basic Edition 1.4.775 Free Download

3DMark Basic Edition 1.4.775 Free Download

3DMark Basic Edition 1.4.775 Free Download
3DMark Basic Edition 

3DMark Basic Edition will be the latest version with the current 2014. 3DMark is a common and respected around the world. The tool according to the manufacturer's plans should be to operate in this cloud - can thus convenient to evaluate and compare this performance of a variety of devices (smartphones, tablets, notebooks, laptops, desktops).

The application carries a modern interface that is to be sure to newbie. Assessment procedure is vibrant, and its duration will depend on the parameters individuals equipment - usually takes up to numerous minutes. 3DMark Basic Edition offers three independent modes: Fire Strike (for cellular devices and older PCs), Impair Gate (for notebooks and typical PCs) and also Ice Storm (for players).

An essential feature of the program is to publish the outcomes of tests served by the manufacturer web page. The website contains a selection of useful information, for example numerical values ​​for render graphics and physics simulation, hardware parameters with the processor and design card, the characteristics with the installed operating process, settings, 3DMark Basic Edition.

The tool is available free of charge. The application has an amazing documentation, consisting of a collection of questions and replies, help file and also user forum.

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